Creating things that delight and surprise customers is key to keeping customers. But how can you do that when the purchase cycle is 3 to 5 years away? After talking with audiologists on staff, as well as taking general surveys of customers, we found that there are several consistent ongoing concerns with most hearing aid wearers. The most significant: the fear of not having replacement batteries when needed, or having bad batteries. Tackling this concern would be the perfect opportunity.
The solution was to create a customized hearing aid battery tester that could be sent as a gift with to each customer with their battery supply. While there were several battery testers on the market that could be bought, typically they cost $8 to $10. With additional research, we also learned from feedback that the current models were hard to grip, oddly shaped, and could easily get lost. Knowing those key insights enabled a solution that could address the customer concerns, and could also conveniently be a brand reminder.
A peek at the process...
What existing models look like today
Starting with sketches, the outer shapes were explored. After extensive sketching, I refined the direction, focusing on a pebble-based shape with contrasting gripped edges. 
final shape sketch without grip pattern to clarify shape
After finalizing the shape and approach, detailed mechanical drawings were created to send to the manufacturer. Colors, general measurements, and notes about shape were all included to help speed the rendering process. To increase grip, I created a simple extruded wavy pattern that would follow the sides.
The renderings from the factory followed the line drawings closely. There were only slight adjustments needed to happen on the design to accommodate interior components.
And a few more of the final finished product for good measure.
Last but not least, the extruded wavy side grip detail.
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